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Why Kristen Stewart Didn't Like Kissing Taylor Lautner In Twilight

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“Twilight” may have been about Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, finding love and living as vampires together forever. But there was another love interest in the franchise: Jacob Black, played by Stewart's good friend Taylor Lautner.

"One of the most challenging scenes was probably finally kissing Jacob for the first time," Stewart told Parade. "Bella has got such tunnel vision that Edward is the only thing for her [...] So when Taylor Lautner and I kissed, it felt like such a different dynamic. I was nervous as hell."

Lautner is right there with Stewart in thinking that their on-screen kiss was just weird. He was a fan of his character finally getting to kiss his love, but his strong friendship with Stewart made for a few awkward silences while filming the scene.

"As soon as we finished [...] she'd look at me and I'd look at her and there would be a moment of silence," Lautner told Access Hollywood in 2010."And she would go… 'We just kissed!' It's definitely interesting but when we film, we become Jacob and Bella."