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Why Katy Perry Doesn't Go By Her

Real Name

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Pop star Katy Perry has been in the limelight for over a decade, yet many people have no idea that the “Teenage Dream” singer’s real name is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Perry had some good reasons to drop her real name when her pop music career started to take off.

Perry released a self-titled debut album, “Katy Hudson,” while still in her teens, and the Christian record was miles away from the fun-filled, provocative pop hits she’s known for. The album sold only 200 copies, and Perry said she “decided to be someone else” in order to rebrand her career.

Katy also adopted a stage name because she didn’t want to be confused with actor Kate Hudson, who is a California girl just like Katy, having been born in Los Angeles. The two have actually become good friends over the years, so Perry’s name change now seems extra-wise.

However, Katy didn’t stray too far from her familial roots, as Perry is actually her mother’s maiden name. She has also stated that she’s still her original self on the inside, saying that she loves to “go home to Santa Barbara and feel like Katheryn Hudson, which is who I really am.”