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Why David Schwimmer Spent Years Out Of The Spotlight After Friends
David Schwimmer’s role as Ross Geller on “Friends” not only saw the star skyrocket to fame but also solidified his standing as a respected actor in the entertainment realm.
However, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwimmer revealed that his popularity also had a negative impact on his personal and professional life.
“It messed with my relationship to other people in a way that took years,” the actor said. Schwimmer also had to take a step back and navigate the uncertainty of his future.
The actor specifically struggled with being typecast as Ross Geller. While Schwimmer had quite a diverse acting portfolio, his role in “Friends” eclipsed everything.
“I was trying to hide. So I was trying to figure out: How do I be an actor in this new world, in this new situation?” Schwimmer told The Hollywood Reporter.