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Why Cher Can't Stand Madonna

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As two iconic queens of pop, you’d think Cher and Madonna would admire each other. However, the two actually have a decades-long feud, starting when Cher revealed her dislike for Madge in a 1991 interview with Steve Kmetko.

Cher, who had hosted Madonna at her home before, called Madge “a spoiled brat.” She acknowledged Madonna’s success, but went so far as to say, “When you've reached the kind of acclaim that she's reached [...] you should be a little more magnanimous and be a little less of a c**t.”

In a later BBC interview, Cher gave more mixed (but mostly negative) signals, calling Madonna “unbelievably creative,” and even saying Madge was better than she herself was “back in my day.” However, Cher added that Madge was “not unbelievably talented,” “not beautiful,” and “rude.”

When Cher became “queen of Twitter,” she still didn’t spare Madonna, mocking her 2012 album “MDNA” by tweeting "Wtf is mdna." Cher said she didn’t mean to shade Madge, but she certainly did on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when she named three stars she wants to duet with: "Adele, Pink and not Madonna!"

However, Cher has said that she never hated Madonna: “Actually I quite respect her […] Madge might be one of the most amazing artists I've known.” With Cher’s remarks in mind, plus the fact that Madonna has never been equally engaged in their “feud,” it seems like their beef may not be so major.