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Why Celine Dion Isn't A Fan Of Ellen DeGeneres

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In the past two years, we’ve heard a lot about just how toxic of a work environment "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" was. Many former employees have come forward to discuss the talk show host’s behavior, including her bodyguard, who said that she practically pretended he didn’t exist.
Additionally, there have been many times when she’s been rude to guests, including singer Celine Dion. While talking with Dion in 2007, DeGeneres pulled up a photo of Dion, her husband René Angélil, and their son René-Charles Angélil and joked, "It seems like you're forgetting to cut your son's hair."
Dion responded with "Do you have a problem with that?," to which DeGeneres said no, before doubling down on the comment. "Some people shave the head of their children and people say, 'Oh, isn't that terrible?'" Dion stated, "Well, I don't even cut my son's hair and they say, 'Oh my God, when is she going to cut her son's hair?'"