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Why Alton Brown Isn't A Fan Of Guy Fieri

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Most celebrity chefs seem friendly and wholesome, but these culinary experts engage in petty beef as often as the rest of Hollywood’s rich and famous. For proof, look no further than the feud between the famously eccentric Guy Fieri and his more serious colleague, Alton Brown.

While promoting the reboot of“Good Eats,” Brown jabbed at Fieri and his signature show: “to make room for [my] show on Food Network, they're gonna have to cut [DD&D] down to seven-and-a-half hours per day.” It seems Alton thinks Food Network favors Guy over him, and therefore Guy gets to hog airtime.

As another hit to Alton’s ego, “Good Eats: The Return” was eventually removed from the Food Network and moved to Discovery+, then canceled after two seasons. It must have stung for Alton, who began his tenure at Food Network in 1999, while Guy joined the network years later in 2006.

However, Brown and Fieri can join hands when it comes to a common enemy: restaurant critics, such as Pete Wells, known for his takedown of Guy's American Kitchen and Bar. Alton tweeted a defense of Guy: “I am planning on visiting Guy Fieri's NYC eatery this weekend because it can't be as bad as all those snooty New Yorkers say”.