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Gypsy Rose Blanchard posing.

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Whatever Happened To Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Father?
Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s story, specifically her relationship with her mother Dee Dee, has been well-documented. Still, many have wondered about her relationship with her dad, Rod.
Rod and Dee Dee separated shortly before Gypsy’s birth, yet, despite being labeled as an absentee dad by some, Rod remained a present and supportive figure in his daughter’s life.
However, he shared with Fox News that Dee Dee deliberately kept them apart and tried to prevent him from having a meaningful connection with his daughter.
Rod revealed that, for the most part, he had to walk on eggshells while communicating with Gypsy for fear of losing contact with her entirely, as Dee Dee had full custody.
While he remarried, Rod told Buzzfeed News that they would always visit Gypsy up until she was 10, but his contact with her became limited once Dee Dee relocated to Missouri.
The situation was further complicated by Dee Dee’s lies about Gypsy’s health. “We were very intimidated about her medical conditions,” Rod admitted to Springfield News-Leader.
Despite being denied access to Gypsy, Rod told Buzzfeed News that he consistently sent Dee Dee $1,200 a month for child support, along with presents for his daughter.
Now, Rod is optimistic that he can deepen his connection with Gypsy after her release. “We are hoping to [...] help her the best we can,” he told the Springfield News-Leader.