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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 02: Tom Hanks attends the Los Angeles premiere of Apple Original Films' "Finch" at The Pacific Design Center on November 2, 2021 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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transforms into roles
Tom Hanks is always willing to transform for a role. For 2000's "Castaway," Hanks lost 50 pounds and grew a beard to portray a man stranded on an island; he then had to gain weight for his role as Jimmy, the coach in "A League of Their Own," only to drop the pounds again for his part in "Sleepless in Seattle."
Wrote Three Screenplays
Hanks surprisingly has a few impressive writing credits to his name, having written, directed, and starred in three films: the 1996 comedy "That Thing You Do!", the 2011 rom-com "Larry Crowne," and the World War II film "Greyhound." He also adapted the C.S. Forester novel "The Good Shepherd" into a screenplay.
He Collects Typewriters
In October 2017, Hanks spoke to NPR's David Greene about his "obsession" with collecting typewriters, saying, "There's a beauty, an aesthetic quality to them"; he also enjoys how "They do one thing. And only one thing". Hanks even wrote a book, "Uncommon Type, which features 17 short stories that involve a typewriter.
Outed a teacher
In 1994, when Hanks accepted the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in "Philadelphia," a story about a gay lawyer, he spoke about a former teacher of his, who is gay — and wasn't exactly out yet. Hanks did ask for his teacher's permission to mention him in the speech; we just don't know if Hanks was very specific.
his brother's voice
If you're wondering how Hanks has the time to be an actor and voice actor, which involves recording lines for animated films and merchandise such as toys and video games, the answer is that he doesn't. Hanks' brother Jim provides the voice of Woody in "Toy Story" for all of the film franchise's merchandise.