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What The Cameras Never Showed You On My 600-Lb Life

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Dr. Now's Son

Dr. Nowzaradan may be the star of "My 600-Lb Life," but his son Jonathan created the show. The younger Nowzaradan was the executive producer behind the 2008 British documentary "Half Ton Mum," and also produced a bunch of food addiction-related shows prior to the hit TLC series.


When COVID-19 was at its peak, many productions promptly shut down for safety concerns, but not "My 600-Lb Life," which continued filming despite social distancing recommendations. According to a source, this caused cast members to feel incredibly uncomfortable while filming the show.


Dr. Now's tough love approach isn’t always the most beneficial for patients' psychological wellness. In 2021, Gina Marie Krasley, who appeared in Season 8, died aged just 30, suing the show for $1 million before her death, saying the producers made her eat vast quantities of food.

Dr. Now's legal Past

Dr. Now was sued by the mother of a patient who died under his care following weight loss surgery in 2005. Colleen Shepherd alleged that her daughter Tina "was not prompted from a psychological standpoint to know the risks involved when you are grossly overweight" ahead of the procedure.


While patients are paid an initial $1,500 "flat appearance fee" and $2,500 to relocate to Houston, "My 600-Lb Life" stars are not paid any royalties. Many of them cannot live on the few thousand dollars they are given, so some have written about their experiences on the show to make extra cash.