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O.J. Simpson smiling and talking.

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What O.J. Simpson Has Said About
His Experience
In Prison
In 2023, O.J. Simpson detailed his experience in prison after being sentenced in 2008. “They put you in something called holding lockdown,” he said in
a video posted to Twitter.
The holding lockdown takes place in Nevada's High Desert State Prison, where prisoners are temporarily held before being sent to the facility where they will serve their time.
“They put you in a room. They give you absolutely nothing [...] After about three days, I went crazy,” Simpson added. He was eventually moved to Lovelock Correctional Center.
“O.J. Simpson is not suffering in prison. He's eating well. He's exercising well. He's got a flat screen TV,” Jeffrey Felix, a former correctional officer, told ABC News in 2017.
Simpson became rather popular among the other inmates at Lovelock and part of his popularity stemmed from the large TV Simpson was able to purchase through the commissary.
“Nobody would think about screwing with me,” he told The Buffalo News in 2018. “Virtually all the guys had my back. I was setting the tone.
I was helping the guys.”
The former Buffalo Bills running back told the outlet he dedicated a lot of time to helping other inmates in programs and
also played peacekeeper
when tensions arose.