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What Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife Is Doing Today

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Robyn Moore Gibson, ex-wife of Mel Gibson, has bought her third Malibu home, a clifftop compound on one of the best streets in Point Dume peninsula. She has purchased three homes total in the area, which may sound crazy at first, but Robyn did receive the biggest divorce payout in Hollywood history.

The former voice-over artist and dental nurse reportedly received $425 million in her divorce settlement, which was finalized in December 2011. Robyn and Mel Gibson were married for almost 30 years, and she was entitled to half of everything the actor earned during their union — but it gets even more serious from there.

People reported that Robyn is entitled to half of every future check Mel receives for the rest of his life. The couple separated shortly after Mel's 2006 DUI arrest and infamous anti-Semitic rants, but Robyn did not file for divorce until 2009, upon finding out that Mel's then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was pregnant.

During her marriage to Mel, Robyn reportedly devoted her time to raising their seven kids and "keeping Gibson in line." The Daily Beast noted that Robyn "could care less" about Hollywood and has always enjoyed a more private lifestyle, which carries on to today, though she has come out in defense of Mel a few times.