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What Jon Gosselin Does For A Living Today


"Jon & Kate Plus 8" was once a reality TV sensation, but after 10 years of marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin called it quits and began a very lengthy custody battle over their eight kids. Jon earned himself a few embarrassing headlines post-divorce, but now he's living a fairly stable life, including a new job for himself.

These days, Jon Gosselin is paying his bills with DJ gigs, and he's also found love again with his girlfriend of several years, Colleen Conrad. Even though Jon got custody of his son Collin in 2018, and his daughter Hannah has also chosen to live with him, his relationship with his other six kids still needs work.

Jon told Dr. Oz that he hasn't gone out of his way to contact his estranged children: "I'm more putting [the responsibility] on them because I've reached out and given the olive branch." Jon was rumored to have cheated on Kate, starting a long-standing feud between him and his ex-wife, and his kids may not reciprocate his peace offering.