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Flo from Progressive smiling on a motorcycle

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What Flo From Progressive Looks Like With No Makeup
While Flo from Progressive is recognized by her teased bob, red lipstick, and iconic apron, the actress who plays her — Stephanie Courtney — often rocks a more laid-back look.
Besides her bold personality, Flo's claim to fame lies in her unmistakable appearance, a look that demands hours of meticulous effort to achieve perfection.
When Courtney isn't in Flo's ensemble, she's dressed down and wearing less makeup. She was photographed in Beverly Hills in 2023 sporting a more natural look.
Hair tied back in a ponytail, casual clothes, and completely bare-faced, the actor was all smiles as she enjoyed a day out, letting her natural skin glow.
She opted out of Flo's usual red lip with a no-lipstick look but still rocked that signature smile. Her laid-back outing also featured no eye makeup whatsoever.
Courtney is frequently seen in public without makeup, relishing the anonymity that comes with her bare face and her typical attire reminiscent of Flo from Progressive.