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Weird Things About Dr. Phil And Robin McGraw's Marriage
No Fighting
Robin McGraw insists that she and Dr. Phil never fight or raise their voices at each other, which even her closest friends find weird.
In an interview with New You, Robin explained that Dr. Phil’s dad regularly yelled at his mom, and the couple made a vow early on that they would never follow in his footsteps.
The Cake
When it comes to gift-giving and marking special events, Robin and Dr. Phil have settled on wedding cake as the go-to gift for all events.
While the present remains the same, Dr. Phil keeps it fresh by mixing things up. “Sometimes it’s small, but sometimes it is big! It is always different sizes,” Robin told People.
Dr. Phil and Robin have hardly spent a day apart during their fifty years of marriage. “We never go for more than two or three days,” Dr. Phil told Us Weekly.
The couple even keeps an eye on each other when they’re in different parts of the same house. “Robin watching on security cam,” Dr. Phil captioned a photo of him on Instagram.
Playing Tennis
While Dr. Phil is a tennis fanatic, he and Robin have vowed to never share a tennis court. “We’re too competitive,” Dr. Phil told US Weekly.
Although tennis may be strictly off the table, the duo does play pinball together. “We have a pinball machine, and we go out there at night [...] and play,” Dr. Phil revealed.