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Sandra Bullock at an event

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Tragic Real Life Details About Sandra Bullock
Childhood Bullying
Sandra Bullock’s childhood involved moving between the United States and Europe, so she was bullied at school for her fashion choices that were outdated.
Her mother wanted her to stay original, but the result was severe bullying at the hands of her peers that sometimes got physical and left her bloodied.
Drunken Teen
During the “Ellen’s Burning Questions” segment on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Bullock answered a question about the most defiant thing she did in her teens.
The actress said, “[I] got drunk in a marathon dance and wound up in the hospital getting my stomach pumped.”
On Set Injury
The star has had a couple of injuries on set, including Netflix’s “Bird Box,” when during a blindfolded scene, she ran into a camera which resulted in some blood and tears.
While shooting “Gravity,” Bullock suffered several injuries including a distorted pelvis, according to The Guardian. It required physical therapy to
get her body back to normal.
Sexual Harassment
Early in her career, Bullock was a victim of harassment on the set of a film. She told The Sunday Times, “It came from a person of authority.”
She said, “After that, I tended to remove anything that could be misconstrued as sexual.” Bullock also stood up for the victims of Harvey Weinstein and made a $500,000 donation.
In 2007, she got a three-year protective order against stalker Marcia Diane Valentine, and a restraining order against Thomas James Weldon three years later.
In 2014, her home was broken into by stalker Joshua Corbett. He was apprehended and given a five-year probation sentence in addition to
mental health treatment.