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This Might Be Why Leighton Meester And Sebastian Stan Broke Up


"Gossip Girl" gave fans lots of fictional and real-life romances to obsess over, but both in the realm of TV and the realm of reality, not many of these relationships worked out, as was the case for Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and Sebastian Stan (Carter Baizen). What led them to call it quits in 2010?

According to OK!, it was Meester who called it off with Stan, because she simply didn't like being in relationships. She told Seventeen, "I've never really liked anybody before. Even when I would date guys, it would sort of be on the surface and it was always a relief when we broke up." Sounds ouchy, but there's more.

Meester said her breakup with Stan was the only "experience where it was really hard and I was really sad when it ended." Her song "Heartstrings" may be about Stan, as she once said, "It used to be about some stupid breakup [...] At the time it was like,' Screw you, I don't care about you anymore, and it's not going to happen! Joker."