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This Is What Happened To Brandi After Storage Wars

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Relationship split

In 2020, Brandi Passante confirmed on "The Dad Diary" that she and partner Jarrod Schulz — the most popular cast member on "Storage Wars" besides Brandi — had been separated for two years. On YouTube, one fan commented, "Was bummed to hear her and Jarrod split up, especially with kids involved."

Single mom

In 2016, Passante and Schulz bragged about their kids to INQUIRER.NET: their son, Cameron, wanted to become a director or producer, and their daughter, Peyton, was into competitive cheerleading. However, Passante did admit that "Teenagers are tough, especially when you're doing it by yourself."

Party life

By January 2020, Passante's life involved more partying, as she was in attendance when UFC fighter Conor McGregor beat Donald Cerrone at U.F.C. 246 in Las Vegas. Leading up to the global pandemic, Passante posted pictures of her hanging out amongst friends at bars.

Out of the spotlight

In February 2020, Passante posted a rare photo of her daughter on Instagram all dressed up for her school's formal. Passante explained that her followers hadn't seen photos of her kids in a while "because some creepy a** dudes were harassing" her children.

Tested positive for covid

In 2020, when stay-at-home orders were enacted during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Passante shared with her followers that she was getting prepped for lockdown. Despite her efforts to social distance, Passante revealed in June 2020 that she'd tested positive for COVID.