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This Is What Amal Clooney Does For A Living


It's easy to think that Amal Clooney is just the beautiful wife of actor George Clooney, but Amal has a lot more going for her than good looks and a Hollywood husband; in fact, her longtime career could easily stand up to George's. So, what does Amal do for a living, and how did she become so successful?

Amal Clooney is an accomplished lawyer who was educated at St. Hughes College in Oxford, England and the New York School of Law. Amal focuses her career on human rights, including building a case to present to the United Nations, advocating for the protection of Yazidi refugees who are targeted by ISIS.

Amal now works for Doughty Street Chambers as a barrister with a reputation of excellent work, and has refocused her career on both international public and criminal law. She's also the proud mother of twins Ella and Alexander, and she and George clearly have the "working parents" thing down.