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This Is How Dennis Rodman Lost All Of His Money

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Known for his skills as a basketball player and for his quirky persona off of the court, Dennis Rodman racked up quite the reputation. The star was passionate, wild, talented, and eclectic all at once, earning himself a spot in the NBA Hall of Fame.

Rodman was among many athletes who were scammed by a woman posing as a financial advisor. Peggy Ann Fulford, the woman in question, gained the trust of wealthy clients by boasting fake degrees from Harvard and success on Wall Street.

She met Rodman through a mutual friend in the 2000s, and Rodman came to trust her with his finances. The two were so close at one point that he even thanked her in his 2011 Hall of Fame speech as "family" who was "taking care" of him.

Additionally, Rodman owed $860,376 in child and spousal support in 2012, and he allegedly spent a lot on strip clubs and alcohol. However, much of that information comes from Peggy Ann Fulford, making it unclear how much Rodman actually spent himself and what was lost in the scam.