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The Untold Truth Of Tom Hanks' Son Chet Hanks

chet on tv
Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks comes from a family of actors, so naturally he's dabbled in the art himself. He appeared in two episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but his biggest roles were on "Shameless" as Charlie, father of the character Sierra's son, and on "Empire" as Blake Sterling, a rapper and hip hop artist.
he's a real life rapper
Chet is also a rapper in real life, and has released a song called "White and Purple," based on Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow." White and purple are the colors of Chet's alma mater Northwestern University, and a classmate recalled that "all the tacky lil theatre kids would cast him in their student plays hoping tom would come watch."

He's a millionaire

Whether he was gifted with a trust fund from his parents or not, Chet has around $3 million to his name. However, this amount is dwarfed by the kind of cash the rest of the Hanks family makes; Chet's brother Colin makes five times as much as his sibling, and of course, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are worth a lot of dough.

lots of tattoos

Chet often posts shirtless photos of himself that show off his very large collection of body art, including tattoos of daughter's name in a heart, snakes and a dagger, and the words "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" ("Fortune Favors the Bold"). In December 2019, he added what appears to be an Eye of Providence with clouds and sun rays.

motorcycle man

When Chet Hanks isn't busy acting, rapping, or getting tattoos, he's riding on his classic black Harley Davidson bike. His Instagram is full of pictures of himself with various snazzy vehicles, though he's since deleted many of his motorcycle-centric posts, explaining that he wanted to "wipe the slate clean" on the platform.