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The Truth About Rick Harrison's Ex-Wives


"Pawn Stars" host Rick Harrison is quite the character; his History bio boasts that he dropped out of high school to sell fake Gucci bags, bringing in, allegedly, $2000 every week. Harrison also has a pretty interesting romantic history, having been married three times — here's the untold truth of his marriages.

Rick married his first wife, Kim Harrison, in 1982, and they welcomed two sons: Corey, who is very much a part of Pawn Stars, and Adam. However, Rick and Kim parted ways in 1985, and he soon tied the knot with Tracy Harrison (pictured); they had one son together, Jake, but ended up divorcing in 2011.

Rick proposed to his current wife, Deanna Burditt, on February 14, 2012. They had been dating for a little over a year, and Rick, never the shy one, recalled that “I didn't really ask her, I told her 'Girl, I'm marrying you,' and then I gave her the ring”. He also appears to still be on good terms with Kim Harrison.