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The Truth About Pete Davidson And Cazzie David's Split

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The following story contains discussion of suicide and self-harm.

Content Warning

Pete Davidson's list of exes is a long one, and one of his past girlfriends is Cazzie David, daughter of Larry David. Davidson's split from David was not pretty, partly because the "SNL" star's infamous relationship with Ariana Grande reportedly began a couple of days after he and Cazzie called it quits.

David has admitted that she put off breaking up with Davidson for a while, because he used to threaten self-harm and suicide from "trivial circumstances." When they broke up the first time, she called to apologize and they briefly got back together, but Davidson dumped David via text and started dating Grande.

Cazzie recalls spending an entire plane ride crying, then "screaming in agony" in a hotel room, during which her father yelled, "Cazzie, come on. Your ancestors survived the Holocaust," which is a very Larry David thing to say. Apparently, Cazzie and Pete are on good terms now, but the road there wasn't easy.