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The Truth About Karlie Kloss And Taylor Swift's Relationship


Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift were once such intimate friends that conspiracy theories circulated about the two secretly dating (couple name: "Kaylor"). However, the pair's friendship has seemingly fizzled out; here's a rundown of their relationship, and how Swift's album "Folklore" inspired, well… folklore about it.

Fans thought several songs on "Folklore" contained references to Kloss, such as the track "Betty," which follows a boy named James who's in love with his classmate Betty (Kloss's middle name is Elizabeth). Taylor is named after James Taylor, leading fans to think the song could be from her point of view.

Given Swift's propensity to write songs about her exes, and her and Kloss's apparent falling-out before the album's release, maybe it isn't so far-fetched for fans to suspect a secret relationship. However, just based on the facts, Swift and Kloss were once inseparable friends, until Kloss talked about one Kim Kardashian.

Kim K is one of Swift's nemeses, and when Kloss called Kim a "lovely person" in 2016, the former besties' public outings became rare. Then, in 2019, Kloss was spotted hanging out with Scooter Braun, another one of Swift's enemies, and her friendship with Swift seemingly ended in "Bad Blood" — sorry, Kaylor fans.