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The Truth About Jennifer Lopez's Son, Maximilian David Muniz


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married from June 2004 to June 2014, and the "Waiting For Tonight" singer gave birth to twins in February 2008. While Lopez's daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz has shown off her vocal talents on the Super Bowl stage, her brother Maximilian David Muñiz is also growing into a star.

Max looks just like his dad Marc, as Lopez has said: "Emme is like a mini-me; Max is really like a mini Marc. They're complete opposites. But she's like super focused and super sensitive, quiet and focused and he's kind of off the charts, lots of energy, super funny." The siblings love to sing and play music together.

Lopez’s YouTube video "Twin Talk: AMA With Emme & Max" shows Max's bubbly, goofy personality; he asks his mom questions such as, "What was the most trouble you got in when you were my age?", to which Lopez admits she used to sneak out of her room and get caught. She also tells Max, "you have an enormous heart [...] and I love that about you."