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The Truth About Hayden Panettiere And Brian Hickerson

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The following story contains discussion of domestic violence and abuse.

Content Warning

It appears that actor Hayden Panettiere has had a rocky relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, for quite some time, but the two seem to be back on good terms. The former couple split in July 2020 after about two years of dating, and it was no ordinary split, with some truly scary incidents leading up to it.

Things took a horrible turn for Panettiere in May 2019 when Hickerson was arrested on domestic violence charges; according to People, he had "willfully inflicted corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition" on her. Hickerson was arrested again the next year for punching Panettiere in the face.

It appears that Panettiere is spending time with Hickerson following his release from jail; they were spotted hanging out, and Hickerson commented, "Hayden and I are not back together but are working on a friendship." A source also told People, "Hayden won't forget what he did but she wants to forgive and move on."