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The Truth About Guy Fieri's Youngest Son


Food Network host Guy Fieri has two sons, Hunter and Ryder, and the boys are at very different stages of life. Given they were born almost a decade apart, Hunter has figured out he enjoys following his dad into the realm of food and television, while Ryder is still navigating life as a teenager.

Given that Ryder is still growing up, his future career doesn't need to be decided anytime soon. Ryder does seem to enjoy running around with his dad and posts plenty of travel snaps on Instagram, and though it's unclear if Guy has taught Ryder any culinary tricks, he does try to instill that knowledge in his sons.

"When I was in third or fourth grade," Hunter Fieri once told the New York Post, "[Dad] tells me, 'I'm done getting up and making you breakfast at 6 a.m. before school. You're going to get up now, I'm going to teach you how to make breakfast." Guy hopes his sons will strike out on their own when the time comes, and believes in their success.