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The Truth About Connie Chung And Maury Povich's Marriage

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TV power couple Maury Povich and Connie Chung have been married for 36 years, and fans wonder about their secrets to a successful marriage. From their first meeting as coworkers to their iconic status today, here’s how Maury and Connie keep their marriage a happy one.

Povich and Chung have a great sense of humor and like to poke fun at each other, never taking themselves too seriously. Connie says this attitude keeps her and Maury’s heads from getting big, and having fun while keeping each other humble benefits the couple’s marriage and their careers.

However, Povich and Chung also have a serious backbone to their marriage based on mutual support. They met while working together at a Washington, D.C. news department, and while Chung said Povich was a “big star” while she was “just a copy person,” the two see each other as equals in their field.

Early on in her career, journalist Chung had difficulty breaking into a male-dominated field, and dealt with sexual harassment in the newsroom. Povich has always been supportive of his wife’s career, and admires her commitment to striking back against sexism.

Chung is equally supportive of her husband, and on “Maury’s” 2,500th episode, she surprised him by popping out of a cake during the celebration. Even after their joint show “Weekends with Maury and Connie” ended, it’s clear that the couple still loves to participate in and celebrate each other’s work.