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The Truth About Chris Pine's Famous Parents


One of the reasons why actor Chris Pine may be so successful is because he inherited his acting skills from his family, which features more than one on-screen star. The “Star Trek” actor is the grandson of Anne Gwynne, a silver screen actress who was "a horror icon at Universal in the 1940s," says the Los Angeles Times.

Both of Pine's parents were also famous back in the day. Anne Gwynne's daughter, Gwynne Gilford, appeared on 70's and 80's TV series such as “The Young Lawyers”, “Gunsmoke”, and “One Day at a Time," and also had a recurring role on the crime drama "CHiPs," which happens to star Chris's dad.

Robert Pine starred as Sgt. Getraer on "CHiPs," and thanks to his dad, Chris says he "learned that ... [a]s a working actor, there are the fouler times," so you need to "[keep] a head on your shoulders, [keep] a sense of humor, and [keep] looking ahead." Robert's wisdom may have made his son "the best Chris," according to some fans.