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Al Roker's Wife

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Deborah Roberts first met Al Roker in 1990, when he was still married to his first wife. Roberts didn't expect them to become an item, saying, "He was a nice guy but kind of annoying, overly chatty. I just didn't think of him beyond a friend."

Roberts and Roker married in 1995, and though Roker had one daughter from his previous marriage, the newlyweds welcomed daughter Leila Ruth in 1998 and a son, Nick, in 2002. Reflecting on their life together, the couple wrote "Been There, Done That" in 2016, giving insight into their busy lives.

Even if Roker gets to be goofier, Roberts' investment in hard news has paid off. Per her ABC Biography, Roberts has won several Emmy awards and a Clarion Award for reporting on abuse within the Amish community.