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BARCELONA, SPAIN - JUNE 01: Dua Lipa performs in concert at Palau Sant Jordi on June 01, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Xavi Torrent/Redferns)

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Dua Lipa’s musical talent may have propelled her to stardom, but her fashion sense is also iconic. Lipa believes women should wear whatever they want, and her passionate and free-spirited style is not only evident in her outfits (she even has a clothing line with Pepe Jeans), but also her 18 eye-catching tattoos.
Lipa's favorite tattoo is the first one she got at 19 years old, which is the phrase “Sunny Hill” on her right arm; Sunny Hill is the neighborhood where Lipa's parents grew up in Kosova. Opposite of this meaningful tattoo is the sentence "This means nothing" inked on the singer's left arm — we think you can guess the meaning behind this one.
Lipa also has a palm tree tattoo on her left elbow, because she spends a lot of time in LA and it’s her favorite tree. She has the letters “R” and “G” tattooed on her left wrist, for her siblings Rina and Gin, and the word “Angel” tattooed on her right shoulder, and the singer explains that it’s like “having someone looking over you.”
Adding on to the list, Lipa has “Patience” on her left hand and an all-seeing eye on her foot, since she says the “eye kind of protects you from any evil." She also has “Future Nostalgia,” one of her album titles, inked on her left arm, and the number “245,” also on her arm; this was the number of concerts Lipa had performed at that time.