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The Transformation Of Michael J. Fox From 10 To 60 Years Old

fox's childhood
Michael J. Fox was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1961, though he moved many times during his father William's service with the armed forces. Fox considers himself an "army brat," saying "I crossed Canada a couple times before I was 10," and after his father's retirement, Fox's family settled in Burnaby, British Columbia.

School troubles

Fox had a tough time in school as a teen, as classes like math and physics wrecked his GPA, leading him to join a theater company and shift his focus to acting instead. The actor revealed that he partly regretted his grade school experience: "I always felt that I came up short in the education department," he told NPR.

a Big risk

Fox dropped out of school to pursue acting, and recalls his teacher telling him that he was "making a big mistake," warning him, "You're not going to be cute forever." However, Fox's father was supportive of his son's big risk and drove him to Los Angeles so Fox could pursue his dream (and he even got his GED later on).

sort of went to college

Fox may not have attended college, but his early years in California "provided as intense an undergraduate experience as one would expect from any college career", he said. He also befriended three frat members at UCLA, which let him experience essential parts of college culture: "free beer and college girls."

back to the future

The role of Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" originally went to Eric Stoltz, but producers felt he was "too intense." The producers soon recruited Fox for the film, and the young actor had to start filming while still working on the show "Family Ties," but as Fox said, "How can you say no to Steven Spielberg?"