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The Real Reasons Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Divorced


Faulty foundation

Shelton’s ex-wife Kaynette Gern was a loyal wife who stood by Blake through the roughest of times, but Blake turned his back on her for Miranda Lambert. In her divorce filing, Gern accused Shelton of "inappropriate marital conduct."

Two-way Street

Lambert grew tired of Blake Shelton spending so much time in Los Angeles to film "The Voice" during their marriage. The "Only Prettier" singer reportedly hates Tinseltown, and having to fly out to see him, sometimes just for a day, was trying on her.

Alleged irony

Shelton believed Lambert was cheating on him with country singer Chris Young, who previously opened for her on tour. The two were occasionally spotted out in public together. A spy told Star magazine that on one outing, "Miranda and Chris were really into each other".

How you lose them

Alongside gossip about Lambert cheating were rumors that Shelton was stabbing her in the back. Sources told TMZ that he stepped out on her with "a famous country singer," and though it wasn't specified who this was, Cady Groves was the main suspect — and it destroyed her career.

Fractured friendships

The couple's pals sided with Lambert during the divorce, disagreeing with Shelton’s allegations of cheating, which Lambert considered a smear campaign. An insider stated, "To say she cheated with five other men and no one knew about it, well it just doesn't ring true for anyone."