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The Real Reason Yolanda Hadid And David Foster Divorced

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Real Househusband
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, 16-time Grammy winner David Foster claimed, "The Beverly Hills Housewives was just kind of a nightmare for me and something that I really wish I hadn't been part of." Foster complained that his decades-long music career was overshadowed by his wife's TV fame.

Lyme disease

Yolanda Hadid claims that her Lyme disease — which manifested a year into her marriage — caused her divorce. When David finally called it quits, he reportedly told her that her "sick card" was up, and a source told Page Six that David thought "everything revolves around her and her illness."

questioning the illness

While he says he doesn't doubt that his wife suffers from Lyme disease, a friend of David claimed, "David and his family think Yolanda just loves the attention of being sick. They believe she's exaggerating her condition. And they point out that she's never gotten a legit diagnosis".

Other issues

According to Page Six, David believed Yolanda "always plays the victim" and was "sick of it," and said the former housewife was "so self-righteous." Yolanda also claims that even more physical ailments strained her marriage, including metal poisoning, bacterial infections, and parasites in her intestines.

Different lifestyles

Yolanda and Davis had incredibly different lifestyles; he spent his time touring while she was stuck in bed battling her illness. Yolanda told Dr. Oz, "my energy goes to trying to get well [...] and David's life is really traveling, going to concerts, loud music [...] I can barely listen to the radio."