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Tom Holland is best known as Spider-Man, but contrary to the image of nerdy high school kid Peter Parker, Holland has spoken several times about his love of drinking. However, it wasn’t drinking problems that once got the actor kicked out of a bar in London — it all had to do with his role in the film "Uncharted."
Holland attended bartending school to prepare for his role as Nathan Drake, as one scene involves the explorer working behind the bar. Holland even worked a few shifts at the The Chiltern Firehouse bar, but when fans got wind of the actor's new job, it turned into a spectacle so out of control, Holland got kicked out.
Holland clarified on Sirius XM, “I’ve been giving [the bar] a lot of press though. So they just shut up and let me back.” The star enjoys several other recreational activities besides bartending, including rugby and ballet. In fact, Holland's mom originally shipped him off to carpentry school, but he landed his role as Peter Parker soon after.