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The Real Reason Pat Sajak And Vanna White Never Dated


Pat Sajak and Vanna White's 40-year partnership on "Wheel of Fortune" has lasted longer than many celebrity marriages, and with their undeniable chemistry on screen, it would be easy for viewers to mistake the hosts for a couple. Sajak and White have been married twice, but never to each other — so, why not?

Vanna White has said that she and Pat Sajak are more like family than anything else. "We are like brother and sister," White told Closer Weekly, "and I think that is what makes [the partnership] work." Sajak says their friendship is like "lightning in a bottle," and White added that they've "never had one argument."

Sajak has said also that he will only work with White until "Wheel of Fortune" ends: "I can't imagine being there with someone else," he told Entertainment Weekly. Sajak's current wife and mother of his two kids is actress Lesly Brown, while White has been dating contractor John Donaldson since 2012.