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The Real Reason Nicole Kidman Doesn't Talk About Tom Cruise


Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were once one of Hollywood's most buzzed-about married couples, especially around 2001, when Cruise filed for divorce. Many speculate that his membership in the Church of Scientology was the cause, but Kidman hasn't elaborated much on their split for one given reason.

Kidman avoids name-dropping Cruise to honor her husband, Keith Urban. In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, she said, "I feel out of respect for [Keith] I don't want to talk about [Tom] [...] nobody would sit at a dinner party and answer questions about their ex while their current partner is sitting there."

Also, Kidman and Cruise's children, Connor and Isabella, haven't been photographed with their mom since 2006. The kids are Scientologists like their father, leading some to theorize the religion drove a wedge between the mom and her kids — but Kidman has stayed mum on this topic as well, likely to preserve her kids' privacy.