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The Real Reason Milo Ventimiglia Has A 'Crooked Mouth'

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Milo Ventimiglia of "This Is Us" and "Gilmore Girls" might look like he's got it all together onscreen. However, the three-time Emmy-nominated actor has dealt with insecurities throughout his time in the spotlight — like trying to correct his naturally asymmetrical grin.

Ventimiglia first noticed his "crooked" smile — caused by being born with damaged facial nerves on the left side of his mouth — when he watched himself on the local news as a kid. He asked his mother, "That's what I look like when I talk?", and spent hours in the mirror trying to correct his "fault."

Casting directors criticized Ventimiglia for the way he spoke, only for the actor's smile to become a signature part of his look. Fans consider it to be his most charming feature, and he's proud of it, as he said in People's "Sexiest Man" issue in 2007: "I also get comments on my crooked mouth and my smile. I guess it's my signature."