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The Real Reason Meredith Vieira Got Fired From

60 Minutes

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At just 36 years old, Meredith Vieira was the youngest correspondent to ever join CBS' "60 Minutes" when she signed on in 1989. After two years on the news program, Vieira was fired when she became pregnant with her second child, Gabriel.
Vieira's proposed solution was to keep part-time hours on the show, despite expectations that she would move to a full-time position. This did not go over well with executive producer Don Hewitt, who felt that if Vieira couldn't fulfill her end of the agreement and commit to full-time hours, the program would have to replace her.
In 2019, Meredith Vieira discussed getting fired from "60 Minutes," remarking that she thinks it would play differently today. She said it happened because Hewitt "was the king" and "'60 Minutes' was the crown jewel in the network."