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The Real Reason Jon Stewart Left The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart had a 16-season tenure on “The Daily Show,” turning the iconic program into what it is today, before calling it quits in 2015. Stewart once considered the show to be “the most perfect job in the world,” and many fans wonder why his feelings changed.

The 2016 presidential election is truly infamous, but Jon Stewart didn’t jump at the chance to cover it. He had already covered four elections on “The Daily Show” and felt that this one wouldn’t be much different, so he wasn’t excited to come up with material and felt it was time to leave.

When Stewart left the show right before the election, he was also being considerate to his replacement, Trevor Noah. By letting Noah cover the election instead, Stewart gave him plenty of political material to start with as the new “Daily Show” host.

Finally, Stewart simply wasn’t happy with his job, calling it “cyclical” and dissatisfying. With “The Daily Show” behind him, Stewart spends more time with his children and has moved on to new projects, so while fans may have shed tears over his departure, he’s much happier himself.