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Eric Church performing.

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The Real Reason Eric Church Always Wears Sunglasses
Country singer Eric Church is almost always seen donning a pair of sunglasses on and off the stage, so much so that he is almost unrecognizable without his signature aviators.
In an interview with Mike Adam On Air, Church revealed that his sunglasses are actually prescription glasses that he had to resort to after being unable to wear contacts.
“My eyes don’t do real well with lubrication, but we would play all these bars and clubs,” Church explained, “The [stage] lights [...] would bake my contacts and they’d fall off.”
“Someone suggested glasses and it worked. What’s funny is it stuck,” the singer confessed. Church’s signature look now is something he says gets him hyped for shows and concerts.
“I kind of go into a mode pre-show, when I put the hat and shades on,” Church told Taste of Country. “It’s almost like you’ve got your uniform on and it’s game time.”