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The One Tattoo Ariana Grande Wishes She Didn't Get

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Ariana Grande has over 40 tattoos, and with that number, there’s bound to be at least one slip-up. Ariana really regrets the ink she had done to celebrate her album “7 Rings,” and the intense criticism that resulted from it.

In January 2019, Ariana got the Japanese kanji for “7 Rings” inked on her hand — or so she claimed. Twitter user @hey__amo pointed out that the kanji actually translates to “shichirin,” which is a small BBQ grill better known as a “hibachi grill” to most Americans.

Ariana explained that she left some kanji characters of the tattoo because the process “hurt like f**ck”, but this didn’t really satisfy her critics, so she claimed she got the ink fixed. She admitted that “I can't read or write kanji obviously”, so perhaps she should have been extra careful in the first place.

Ariana has also gotten matching tattoos with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, and when they broke up, she got her ink covered up with a portrait of her dog. At least the pop star doesn’t regret her other numerous pieces of body art.