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The Heartbreaking Details About Derek Hough's Personal Life
It wasn't always easy for Derek Hough to be a child dancer growing up in Utah. In an interview on Radio Andy, he told Andy Cohen that he was "bullied pretty severely."
On "Good Morning America," Hough shared that kids tormented him because he was a dancer. "They would tie my ankles up, you know, with rope and hang [me] up in a tree," he said.
When Hough was 13 years old, he was sent to live in London with a family friend, Shirley Ballas, the mother of Mark Ballas, a “Dancing With the Stars” pro.
Hough shared his feelings about his rigorous training and his parents' divorce. “It was hard. There were moments when I just wanted to go and have fun."
The pro dancer took to Instagram to record how rigorous years of training take a toll on Hough’s body, “Woke up at 3am with a severe and a sharp pain in my abdomen.”
Hough also shared other medical issues. “Even though I've been fully vaccinated, I've just been diagnosed with a breakthrough case of Covid," he told fans in an Instagram video.
The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, but for Hough and Hayley Erbert, their 2022 celebrations were marred by a terrifying car accident just before Christmas.
Hough posted on Erbert's Instagram post that he felt scared when his then-fiancé was "dazed afterwards," and she kept insisting they still went to dinner although she was bleeding.