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The Driver Who Hit Biden's Motorcade Is In Big Trouble
James Cooper, the man who crashed his car into President Joe Biden’s motorcade, is facing serious legal trouble now. The incident occurred on December 17th in Wilmington, Delaware.
A video captured by Forbes Breaking News shows Biden approaching a different car near the front of the motorcade when the 46-year-old Cooper hit a car near the rear.
While President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were unharmed, Cooper has officially been charged with a DUI and an inattentive driving charge, per the New York Post.
“Following our investigation, [we] have determined that this was an accidental collision,” said David Karas, the director of Wilmington Police Department Communications to CNN.
As a result, officials took Cooper into custody on Sunday but released him shortly after. The driver is now set to appear in court at an unspecified future date.