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The Double Life Of Todd Chrisley


Todd Chrisley filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in August 2012. Among the causes of his debt: a business investment that went sour and put him on the hook for $30 million; mortgages totaling $12 million; a tax bill for a staggering $595,227; and a $4.4 million loan from his wife.

Bankruptcy protection

Surprisingly, Chrisley signed with two producers from BMI in January 2016 to launch his singer-songwriter career. BMI paired Chrisley with songwriter Shane Stevens, who has created music for Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, and others, but Chrisley only had middling levels of success.

Country star?

In October 2014, Chrisley’s eldest son, Kyle, gave a scathing interview to the Daily Mail, calling his father "bankrupt, toxic, and a snake." He also accused Todd of gaining custody of Kyle's daughter, Chloe, in an effort to improve his viewership.

Chrisley the snake

Speaking to People in 2014, Todd said that gossip about him being gay — which he said he's dealt with for years — is simply not true. "There's no coming out," he said. "What you see is what you get. I am what I am. Other people's opinions of me are just not my business." However…

His sexuality

Kyle Chrisley told Life & Style that his father is probably gay. "All the people he calls his best friends in the world [...] they're gay," Kyle said. "If one of the asset managers was going to take a p**s, [my dad] would say, 'You want me to come hold it for you?'"

kyle speaks again