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Stephanie Courtney with a megaphone.

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The Complete Transformation Of Flo From Progressive
Her Childhood
Inspired by her mom’s love of the arts, Flo From Progressive’s Stephanie Courtney knew that she wanted to do something in the entertainment world pretty early on.
All throughout her school years, Courtney would audition for various musicals and plays. “I’ve been doing shows ever since I was a kid,” the actress told The Washington Post.
College Days
While Courtney enrolled at Binghamton University to major in English, she kept on auditioning for various productions, and even landed a lead role in “The Crucible.”
It was also around this time that the actress started doing stand-up comedy, eventually joining The Groundlings, and booking her first major commercial.
The Commercial
Courtney’s first national commercial was for the Bud Light beer, which ran during the Super Bowl in 1999, where she was seen playing the role of an annoyed shopper.
“I had a little part in it, but when I got paid [...] I quit all my day jobs,” Courtney told Cosmopolitan; however, she was soon back to picking up gigs on the small stage.
TV Roles
In 2004, Courtney landed her first recurring role in an animated series called “Tom Goes to the Mayor,” on Adult Swim. She lent her voice to the role of Joy Peters.
The actress even got her very own music video out of the deal. In the same year, Courtney starred in the episode “Rats Off To Ya,” which ended up being turned into a song, too.
Skittles Commercial
In 2007, Courtney played the role of a sales associate in an ad for Skittles and even won a creativity award for it, according to Ad Age.
The actress also appeared in ads for companies like McDonald’s, Glade, and General Mills before landing her most recognizable role as Flo in the Progressive commercials.