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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Katy Perry attends Variety's Power Of Women: Los Angeles Event on September 30, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage,)

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The following story contains discussion of child death.

Content Warning
Celebrity conspiracy theories are nothing new, but with the advent of Twitter and TikTok, these conspiracies are becoming more bizarre and spreading like wildfire. One theory combines pop star Katy Perry — known for her cheeky lyrics, whipped cream-shooting bras, and generally unserious persona — with true crime.
Some netizens speculate that Katy Perry is child pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey. Ramsey's unsolved murder is one of true crime's most pored-over cases, and according to this theory, JonBenét's family "sacrificed" her true identity so she could join the Illuminati (you didn't think we'd get through this without mentioning them, did you?).
Conspirators allege that JonBenét's family faked her death so she could change her name and become pop star Katy Perry. "Evidence" includes Ramsey and Perry's vague resemblance, and one YouTube video claims that Perry's song "Wide Awake" references her past identity as Ramsey through lyrics about being "born again."
First of all, reality check: Perry was 12 years old and growing up in California in 1996, the year of six-year-old Ramsey's death at her home in Colorado; Ramsey's body was also buried after her tragic murder. Secondly, this theory is more than a little disrespectful to Ramsey's family, and naturally, Perry has denied being JonBenét.