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SURFSIDE, FL - January 13: Ivanka Trump is seen in a meeting on January 13, 2023 in Surfside, Florida. (Photo by MEGA / GC Images)

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The Biggest Rumors About Ivanka Trump
Trump 2024
After Donald Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid, people began speculating about Ivanka Trump’s involvement in his campaign. Ivanka was absent when her father announced his bid, and after the event issued a statement saying, “I am choosing to prioritize my young children,” but she will support her father “outside the political arena.”
Was She an FBI Mole?
Michael Cohen — Donald’s former lawyer — thinks there’s a bigger reason Ivanka isn’t involved in Trump’s campaign. Cohen has stated his belief that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were the ones who tipped off the FBI about the classified Mar-a-Lago papers, saying, “Who else would know about the […] safe and the specific contents kept inside?”
January 6
Some speculate that Ivanka turned on her father after the January 6 riots, and during her testimony before the January 6 committee, Ivanka revealed that she didn’t agree with her father on his opinion of the election results. Likewise, according to the committee, Jared Kushner “was able to voluntarily provide information to us to verify, substantiate.”
Presidential Run
During Trump’s presidency, when Ivanka was working as his senior advisor, many speculated that she would shoot her shot at becoming the first female president. According to Marissa Velez, a former employee of Ivanka’s fashion line, “Power for her family was all she wanted […] I think she’ll one day run for president,” but as time goes on, this seems less likely.
Book Deal
Given her position within the Trump administration, Ivanka Trump certainly has enough material to write a book. Indeed, many people close to Trump’s White House have written about their experiences, including Jared Kushner. Rumor has it that Ivanka has been approached by literary agents, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.