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The Awful Thing Ellen DeGeneres Made Mariah Carey Do On Her Show

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The following story contains discussion of miscarriage.


Reddit users have been buzzing about how Ellen DeGeneres practically forced singer Mariah Carey to confess her pregnancy live on air. Prior to Carey's 2008 appearance on DeGeneres' show, tabloids were overrun with rumors that the pop sensation was pregnant with her first child.

Once DeGeneres got Carey in the hot seat, the "Hero" singer refused to confirm or deny her status. That's when DeGeneres pulled out her secret weapon: "Let's toast to you not being pregnant if you're not pregnant," the host said as she poured two glasses of champagne.

"Don't discuss that. This is peer pressure," Carey replied, but DeGeneres persisted as she coaxed Carey to sip the champagne. DeGeneres' shady methods took on an even more sinister tone when Carey had a miscarriage mere weeks after the interview.

The miscarriage was "dark and difficult" for Carey and her husband at the time, Nick Cannon. "That was a difficult Christmas," Carey noted. "It was huge. There are really no words and it's difficult to talk about. That was the lowest point for me."