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Kat Von D and Jesse James got together shortly after actress Sandra Bullock divorced James due to his infidelity, but they had known each other for several years before that. Despite causing his ex-wife and baby son a lot of grief, Kat Von D said she thought James could be "The One” for her.

The couple was elated to be engaged in January 2011, with Jesse James saying that he “fell in love with his best friend.” However, in September 2011, Kat Von D severed her relationship with James, and while she initially tried to save face, it seems James was up to his old tricks.

It was eventually revealed that James had cheated on Kat Von D with almost 20 other women over the course of their relationship. Kat Von D admitted that she deserves “a big fat ‘I told you so,’” but she grew from the mistake she made.