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Stars Who Were Attacked On Stage While Performing
Chris Rock
After Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head at the 94th Academy Awards, her husband, Will Smith, got out of his seat, walked on stage, and slapped Chris.
Dubbed “The Slap Heard Round the World,” Chris handled the situation well, and Will apologized but faced public fallout. After
this incident, assaults against performers rose.
Bebe Rexha
As singer Bebe Rexha performed in Manhattan in June 2023, a fan threw a smartphone at Bebe, which hit her in the eye. Bebe dropped to her knees and was rushed off stage.
Bebe wasn’t seriously hurt but posted a pic of her bruised eye. The fan was arrested and claimed he did it as part of a trend where a celebrity takes a pic with the tossed phone.
Rapper Latto was performing at Rolling Loud Germany in July 2023 when a fan threw an object at her but missed. The incident grabbed Latto’s attention,
and she wasn’t happy.
While she didn’t stop performing, Latto said, "Want your a** beat? Throw it again." It’s unknown what the fan threw at Latto, but her response went viral.
Dave Chappelle
At the Hollywood Bowl in May 2022, a man got on stage and attacked Dave Chappelle. The man fell as he ran into Dave, and security snagged the man before he got up.
Dave was uninjured, but the man, Isaiah Lee, had a non-firing replica handgun with a knife blade. Lee said he’s bisexual and wanted to prove Dave’s LGBTQ jokes affect people.
Ava Max
Ava Max was singing in Los Angeles in June 2023 when a man jumped on stage and slapped her face. A fan video shows the man trying to touch her before security intervened.
Ava wasn’t hurt and continued performing. The unidentified man wasn’t arrested because it’s believed the slap was unintentional since he only wanted to “hold” Ava.